Flexport (Deliverr)


Flexport (previously Deliverr) is a 3PL that helps you easily manage your reverse logistics including returns inventory management and tracking.

ReturnGO integrates with Flexport D2C Fulfillment to enable you to effortlessly receive and process returned products and document them effectively.

Once an RMA is created in ReturnGO and a return label is issued, a record of that is automatically created in Flexport. Then after the returned item has been received, the inspection results are seamlessly reported back to ReturnGO.

With real-time synchronization across platforms, you can keep track of your returned items and their status at all times.


Optimize Return Inventory
Receive and process returns more efficiently by simplifying the reverse logistics process.
Minimize Errors
Maintain accurate documentation and stock levels to reduce the risk of errors during the returns workflow.
Reduce Manual Effort
Reduce the number of manual tasks involved in receiving and documenting returned items.