Correos is Spain’s national postal service, enabling Spanish businesses to ship and return items efficiently and reliably.

ReturnGO integrates seamlessly with Correos to help you streamline your return shipping process.

Leveraging Correos’ extensive network of lockers across Spain, the integration eliminates the need for customers to print return labels or stand in line at post offices. Instead, customers can simply receive a barcode or pre-paid return shipping label and drop off their packages at any convenient locker.

The integration also offers real-time tracking updates, providing complete visibility into the return journey.

By simplifying the returns process for both customers and businesses, the ReturnGO and Correos integration offers a seamless and efficient solution for managing your return shipments while enhancing the customer experience.


Enhance Customer Satisfaction
Offer a seamless return experience to enhance customer satisfaction with self-service locker drop-offs.
Improve Operational Efficiency
Streamline return processing by automatically generating return labels and reducing human intervention.
Gain Real-Time Visibility
Keep customers in the loop with real-time tracking updates on the status of their return shipments.