Optimize Your Commerce Tools Returns

ReturnGO is expanding to more platforms! Apply to our beta program for an efficient way to manage returns for your Commerce Tools store.

Join the Beta for Commerce Tools Returns

Commerce Tools Beta

Streamline Workflows

Automate every step of your returns process for a smooth and synchronized workflow from start to finish.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Offer hassle-free returns through a self-service return portal to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Track Returns Data

Gain data-driven insights to make more strategic decisions and optimize your returns management.

Ensure Accuracy and Minimize Errors

Automation ensures precision in returns processing by eliminating the risk of human error.

Every step, from RMA approval to resolution, can be automated in order to make the process more efficient and accurate.

Empower Customers

Customer loyalty is built on exceptional experiences. With automated, self-service returns, you offer customers a hassle-free process that demonstrates your commitment to their satisfaction.

Empower customers to request returns and exchanges on their own for a convenient and seamless customer experience.


Improve the customer experience


Reduce miscommunications


Increase customer loyalty

Boost Efficiency to Reduce Costs

Automating returns increases efficiency by minimizing manual tasks.

Optimizing your returns workflow saves you time and money, enabling you to drive profitability through strategic growth initiatives.