Canada Post is one of the leading shipping providers in Canada, providing the support and integrations needed for your business to ship and return items. ReturnGO integrates with Canada Post to help you manage your return shipping in Canada and internationally.

With the ReturnGO-Canada Post integration, you can automatically generate convenient pay-on-scan return shipping labels, ensuring accurate billing and streamlined returns processing.

Additionally, the integration takes customer convenience to the next level by offering printerless returns using QR codes.


Offer Printerless Returns
Simplify returns with QR codes for printerless returns, eliminating the need for physical labels and saving resources.
Reduce Costs
Access competitive shipping rates and cost-effective return shipping solutions, helping to reduce your shipping costs.
Streamline Tracking
Track your return shipments in real-time to stay up-to-date on the status of your returns and provide accurate information to customers.