5 Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Returns
David Miles

March 12, 2023

Sometimes the smallest thing can make the biggest difference in the eyes of a customer looking to spend their hard-earned money. You can’t eliminate all returns but you can definitely try with these customer satisfaction measures.

1. Detailed Product Descriptions

Every product you are selling online should have an engaging, accurate description to go with it. This will help your customers to determine if they are buying the product that best suits their needs. Every product description should include important details without getting technical (re-member your customers aren’t going to be familiar with shop talk). This could include product features; design and shape; what sets it apart from similar products on the market? Be honest about what your product can achieve. You may have a quality product but promises of miracles it can’t perform will definitely send return figures rocketing.

2. Quality Photography = Accurate Representation

Your product imagery is what will catch the customer’s eye first so it has to be amazing. Figure out the aesthetic of your website and make sure your product imagery is consistent with it. Make sure you are representing all the features of your product that you want the customer to see. Quality photography provides high-resolution images that allow the customer to zoom in and reveal every part of the product. Figure out what makes your product look its best. That could mean trying different backgrounds; different lighting methods; accessorizing the layout differently. You will rarely get ‘the shot’ in the first


3. Honest Reviews

I know when I shop online I always look for reviews from other customers. If you can, try to incorporate a reviews page on your site, or perhaps add a reviews section on the product page. Honest reviews go a long way to helping people decide to make a purchase, especially if it’s a large amount of $$$$; purchase of an item they expect to not replace; when it’s something that will be used for a very specific purpose. Don’t worry if someone writes a negative review. Reply accordingly, and that gives you the opportunity to show future customers how you respond, and that you care about your customers.

4. Sizing and Specs

One of the primary reasons for product returns is improper sizing information for the product advertised. It is essential to give precise dimensions; measurements and size charts for the customer. For example, a fashion product. Provide a size chart including how and where to measure. It’s also a good idea to include international sizing if you intend to offer international shipping. Make sure your measurement application is relevant to the product. For example, a product that holds liquid is more likely to be measured in fluid ounces, rather than or swell its dimensions.

5. Package to Prevent Breakages

Another primary reason for returns is improper packaging and handling, leading to breakage or damaged products before they’ve even got to the customer. It goes without saying that fragile items need a good protective buffer. Test your product in different size boxes, with different

types of packing material to see which ones work best under stress. Make sure your box size is adequate to allow a snug fit with protective material so there’s less chance of damage or breakage when the box is moved. Use a courier service you trust. Do they have a good reputation? Do they treat your packages carefully? Do they go the extra mile when they know something valuable or fragile is inside? Do they offer different services and delivery options? The more options the courier service gives you, the more options you can give to your customer. 

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