Understand the Reasons Behind Returns

Get a better understanding of why customers return items, so you can improve your products and meet your customers’ needs.

Start better understanding your returns today to make data-driven decisions.

Make Informed Decisions

Find patterns in return reasons in order to make informed decisions to improve your products and processes.

Understand Customers

Get to know your customers’ preferences and pain points so you can meet their needs and keep them coming back.

Gain Valuable Insights

Analyze your returns data to gain insights into how you can grow your business and better serve your customers.

Customize Return Reasons

Create custom return reasons that your customers can choose from in the return portal when requesting a return.

Whether you want to track sizing issues, unmet expectations, or damaged items, the reasons can be configured to match your specific business needs.


Improve communication with customers


Customize policy rules based on return reasons


Gather relevant information

Gain a Deeper Understanding

Sometimes, the initial return reason doesn’t tell the whole story. 

Follow-up questions enable you to gather more detailed information and gain a clearer understanding of your customers’ concerns.

You can have customers upload pictures or videos as visual evidence, dive deeper into specific sizing issues, or gain insights into the extent of item damage.

Track Return Reason Analytics

Understanding return reasons is just the first step; tracking and analyzing the data is where the real magic happens.

With our comprehensive return analytics, you can measure the effectiveness of your solutions and make informed decisions to reduce returns.

Track data such as the most common return reasons, recurring issues with specific products, and overall trends.