Offer Smart Refund Alternatives

Retain revenue by offering smart return options that go beyond traditional refunds, keeping the value within your store.

Embrace the power of smart refund alternatives today to maximize profitability.

Retain Revenue

Keep your profits in your store by providing alternatives to refunds such as exchanges and store credit.

Personalize Return Options

Create a tailored experience that meets your customers’ unique needs to encourage future purchases.

Drive Sustainability

Promote eco-friendly return options that are convenient and sustainable at the same time.

Minimize Refunds, Maximize Revenue

Refunds can be costly and impact your bottom line.

Our platform opens up a world of possibilities by providing many options for returns, including exchanges, store credit, and gift cards, empowering customers to find a solution that best meets their needs while retaining revenue for your store.

By offering data-driven alternatives, you can minimize the number of refunds you give and maximize your revenue at the same time.

Incentivize Customers With Bonus Credit

Using ReturnGO, you can give your customers bonus credit for choosing smart refund alternatives. It’s a win-win situation!

Your customers feel valued, while you keep more of your revenue and increase the chances of them buying again.


Encourage repeat purchases


Retain revenue


Foster customer loyalty

Encourage Eco-Friendly Return Options

We believe in promoting sustainability and providing sustainable post-purchase solutions.

Take an innovative approach – offer customers the option to donate or keep the item instead of shipping it back, or use drop-off locations to consolidate shipments. 

Reduce waste and return costs and make a difference for your business, customers, and the planet.