Handle Buy X, Get Y (BxGy) Discounts

We’re proud to be the only plug & play solution for effectively handling returns and exchanges for products bought with a Buy X, Get Y (BxGy) discount.

Contact us today to start handling returns and exchanges of items bought with a BxGy deal.

Smoothly Resolve Requests

Easily handle any scenario related to returns or exchanges involving products bought with a Buy X, Get Y discount.

Calculate Compensation

Automatically calculate the compensation accurately, based on the specific details of the Buy X, Get Y discount deal.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Using the ReturnGO return portal, you can maintain a user-friendly, familiar returns process for both BxGy and regular returns.

Handle Any Customer Request

Easily handle any return request you receive for returns and exchanges of products bought with a Buy X, Get Y discount.

We understand that every situation is unique, and our platform ensures that you can effectively address and resolve each scenario with ease, providing the best possible outcome for both you and your customers.

Retain Revenue

ReturnGO automatically calculates the appropriate refund or exchange value based on the discount deal.

Accurately handling discounts ensures a smooth process for your customers and prevents you from losing revenue.

Provide a Seamless Experience

Maintain the familiar portal flow and ensure a seamless experience for your customers for both BxGy and regular returns and exchanges.

Ensure that returns and exchanges are handled swiftly and professionally, leaving your customers satisfied and eager to continue shopping with you.


Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty


Simplify the returns process


Minimize customer confusion and build trust