Create Any Kind of Return Policy

Customize your return policy to suit your store’s requirements for returns and exchanges, and our portal will implement it automatically.

Set up your custom return policy today with ReturnGO’s flexible policy builder.

Support Any Scenario

Handle an unlimited number of policy rules, giving you the flexibility to adapt to any return scenario.

Maintain Full Control

With full control over your return policy, you can tailor it to match your needs and customer expectations.

Customize Conditions

Easily customize the eligibility conditions of your return policy to match your specific requirements.

Enjoy Unlimited Flexibility

Set up an unlimited number of policy rules, tailoring your return policy to any return scenario.

No matter how complex your requirements are, ReturnGO provides you with the tools to customize every part of your return policy to fit specific needs.

Whether you need to set different return windows for seasonal items or define specific conditions for high-value purchases, create and manage all your policy rules effortlessly.

Automatically Implement Your Return Policy

ReturnGO’s automated return portal takes care of implementing your return policy seamlessly.

Our intelligent system ensures that only eligible returns make it through the process.

You can also automate specific policy rules to eliminate manual intervention and increase efficiency by automatically approving or refunding eligible returns.

Define Eligibility Conditions

Set up any number of eligibility conditions based on items, orders, customers, and RMAs to ensure that your return process aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

Whether you want to limit returns on sale items or enforce specific conditions for certain customer segments, ReturnGO gives you the flexibility to create targeted return policies.

Maintain control over your returns process while providing a personalized and tailored return policy for your customers.