Allow Complex Exchange Eligibilities

Tailor your exchange process to fit any scenario and define your own exchange eligibility conditions.

Customize your exchange policy now to match your unique exchange eligibility requirements.

Support Any Scenario

Resolve and manage any exchange request scenario seamlessly, no matter how unique or complex it may be.

Customize Your Workflow

Automate and streamline your exchange workflow with trigger events for automatic approval and release of exchanges.

Define Conditions

Manage the exchange process by customizing your exchange policy with specific conditions for exchanges to be eligible.

Take Control Over the Exchange Process


Take charge of your eCommerce exchanges and manage every aspect of the exchange process.

Determine whether customers who have already exchanged can exchange again, request a refund, or choose from other options you define.

ReturnGO empowers you to handle exchanges as you see fit, according to your conditions.

Customize Your Exchange Policy for Ultimate Flexibility

With ReturnGO, you have the power to customize your exchange policy exactly the way you want it, and your portal will automatically enforce it.

You can set unlimited conditions for exchange eligibility based on items, customers, orders, and RMAs, guaranteeing a seamless exchange process that meets your unique business needs.


Maximize efficiency and minimize errors


Enjoy unlimited flexibility


Create an efficient exchange process

Incentivize Exchanges to Boost Profitability

Encourage your customers to opt for exchanges instead of refunds by offering enticing incentives, resulting in higher customer retention and increased sales.

Incentives such as bonus credit or free shipping can influence customers to exchange their items instead of requesting a refund.