Retain Revenue With Bonus Credit

Incentivize customers by offering extra bonus credit to boost customer loyalty and keep the revenue in your store.

Start offering bonus credit now to keep customers coming back to buy again.

Keep Customers

Retain customers and keep them coming back to buy again, turning them into loyal customers.

Increase Revenue

Capture and retain more revenue by offering bonus credit, bringing customers back to spend more on their next purchase.

Reduce Refunds

Minimize the number of refunds you give and keep the profits in your store by incentivizing customers to take store credit instead.

Increase Customer Retention

Offering bonus store credit provides customers with a more convenient option for future purchases, and incentivizes customers to come back to your store, helping build long-term customer relationships.

Boost Profits

Customers who receive bonus credit end up spending more.

Providing that extra bonus credit keeps customers coming back and buying again, generating additional revenue for your store.


68% of customers who receive store credit buy again using that credit.


65% of customers who buy using store credit add an additional amount.


45% of customers who buy using store credit are likely to buy again in the future.

Incentivize Actions

Using bonus credit, you can incentivize customers to take certain actions, such as using a certain return method, or to compensate them for a certain situation, such as a damaged product.