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Manage Returns Effectively
Seamless Integration
ReturnGo can be integrated with leading eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, SalesForce Commerce Cloud and BigCommerce. This allows a seamlessly returns process with your current eCommerce platform.
Customer-Driven Returns
ReturnGO’s return portal branded to your specifications for a seamless customer experience. Create complex return rules and flexibility to adapt any return and exchange policy to maximize your profits and customer satisfaction.
Faster Refunds
ReturnGO gives your customers real-time access to their refund status, which not only increases loyalty and retention rates, but also leads to increased conversions.
Paperless Solutions
Simplify the returns process with a paperless returns solution. ReturnGO supports QR codes and integrates with leading shipping carriers.
Why ReturnGO
Sustainability Way
ReturnGO is a leading returns management software that offers keep the item & item donation functionality powerd by AI. Retailers can now be environmentally conscious of their returned products. With ReturnGO, you’re giving back to the world.
Any carrier, warehouse supported

Integrate to any platform or service

Encourage exchanges using AI
White label solution
Domestics & International returns
Avoid fraud and abuse
Multi-user access
Customized email notifications

Exchange recommendation engine (coming soon)

Personalized return experience
Gift returns
Auto refunds
Refunds of exchanged items
One-click exchange to any product
Received item validation
Return tracking
Analytics & Intelligent insight
Many more
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Industry Experts’ Thoughts

ReturnGO’s managed to increase the amount of exchanges by 30% compared our previous solution. The customers are happy and so we are.

Ron Bar

Orthofeet CEO

Minimize returns as you maximize your profits.

Minimize returns as you maximize your profits.