5 reasons you should not handle returns by email

October 14, 2021
| by David Miles

Many Commerce stores simply try to handle all their returns is through a simple email address, if you want to manage returns effectively it won’t take long to find out find handling returns via emails is not as easy as it sounds. 

5 reasons why you should not handle returns by emails

As earlier discussed, returns dealt with through emails cannot produce optimal results. Here are some reasons:  

  1. You need to collect significant information

Emails are sometimes one-sided. It is not a platform to properly request information concerning returns. If returns are handled via emails, buyers can claim a refund for just any reason, flimsy or reasonable. With emails, you can’t tailor appropriate requests that warrant returns, creating a difficult situation between you and your and buyers. 

  1. It is time-consuming

Communicating through emails on matters relating to returns can be tasking for both the customer and the seller. Emails are not ideal for instant negotiations or transactions. Due to the absence of a feature that allows only strategic responses from the consumers, emails can be misinterpreted, missing pertinent details, or even be unwarranted. So, before such situations can be ironed out, it will cost the aggrieved customer and the frustrated seller a lot of valuable time. 

  1. High chance of no subsequent patronage from the aggrieved customer

In business, every seller or manufacturer aims for subsequent patronage of their goods and services from their loyal customers. To gain the trust of their customers, sellers try their best to match up to their requests, so they can be adequately satisfied. Ideal satisfaction spurs subsequent patronage. However, if customers become frustrated due to prolonged resolution of returns issues through emails, future transactions may decrease significantly. 

  1. Quicker refund process

Money matters are sensitive matters that business owners should handle carefully and effectively. Emails do not provide an option for quick refunds. You will have to go through multiple processes for a refund to a customer based on an approved returns request. Some customers can be impatient and may need to get their money back quickly, so using emails in such a situation tends to worsen the already delicate situation.

  1. You can’t assess the product’s condition through emails.

Before verifying whether or not buyers can return a purchased item, you may need to verify the product. However, since physical verification is not possible, you can request videos and clear pictures of the different parts of the product to verify the returns request. You can send pictures via emails, but both parties can’t achieve a personalized, quick sharing of image-based content concerning a product through emails.

Final Thought

Using emails to handle returns is not a practical and effective option. Instead, channels that support automating returns, such as ReturnGo, provide you with a better option.

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