How to Customize Your Branded Return Portal
October 24, 2022
by Rebecca Fox

Customize your branded return portal to make it feel like a natural extension of the online shopping experience and build brand credibility. 

A well-designed return portal that blends in with the rest of the site provides a smoother and more streamlined return experience, which ultimately leads to greater customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Why is it Important to Brand Your Return Portal?

Branding your return portal is essential in order to provide a consistent customer experience across all your platforms. 

Directing customers to a generic return portal that doesn’t fit the rest of your eCommerce store causes a disruption to the customer experience and can create suspicion about entering personal details.

You can brand every aspect of your return portal, from the colors and style of the portal itself to the return policy and return resolutions.

Having a consistent brand identity helps increase revenue by 33%. When done correctly, returns can be a great branding opportunity and provide a seamless customer experience. 

How to Customize Your Branded Return Portal

While many return portals let you upload your logo or change your background image, without customizing your return portal on a deeper level it can be difficult to fit it to your brand.

In a branded return portal such as ReturnGO, you can easily use intuitive settings to select colors, styles, and buttons to brand your return experience from end to end.

Select Your Brand Colors and Style

Brand your return portal to match your store’s colors and style. Brand colors, especially, can boost brand recognition by 80%.

You can set up your button colors, accent colors, text colors, background colors, and more. Apply your brand colors to make your return portal blend in perfectly with the rest of your eCommerce store.

Make sure that the return portal font, logo, and design elements (rounded buttons, bolded text, etc) match your brand style.

By visually integrating your return portal into your website, customers will recognize it as part of your brand and feel comfortable using it because it won’t look any different from the rest of the website.

Add Text in Your Brand’s Voice

Branding your return portal isn’t just about the visuals – it’s also about the way you communicate with your customers, using CTAs and prompts.

Implementing your brand’s voice and tone throughout the returns process makes your customers feel like they’re interacting with your brand at every step, creating a consistent brand experience that increases customer loyalty.

Customize the text on every page of your return portal, from login all the way to confirmation. 

Use the same CTAs that you use in the rest of your store and adjust the language used to fit your brand voice.

Align your return portal with the personality and values your customers experienced throughout the shopping journey and provide a consistent user experience.

Set Up Branded Emails

Customize the emails your customers receive to make them immediately identifiable as coming from your store.

Upload your logo, adjust colors, and create templates to make your emails consistent with your brand voice and style.

This is your chance to stand out among the sea of confirmation emails your customers receive every day. Customizing the emails you send to your customers shows them that you care about their experience beyond the sale and builds credibility for your brand.

Set up your branded emails to fit in perfectly with the rest of the customer journey.

Customize Your Return Policy

Every company is different, so it’s important to customize your return policy to reflect your brand’s unique voice and values. 82% of customers want to buy from brands that align with their values.

Take some time and create a return policy that accurately represents your brand messaging, not just your return requirements. 

By clearly defining your return policy and outlining the conditions under which customers can return items, you set the tone for your store and ensure that customers know what to expect from the returns process.

It is important to remember that a return policy is not a one-size-fits-all process. What works for one eCommerce store may not work for another. Customize your return policy to fit your business.

Having a branded return policy shows that you care about your customers and are committed to their satisfaction. 

Turn the Return Process Into a Branding Opportunity

Customize your return portal to make it feel like a natural extension of the online shopping process, avoiding friction for customers and creating a positive return experience.
Many aspects of your return portal can be branded. Improve the customer experience by using returns as a major branding opportunity.

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