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Travelpro Optimizes Order Tracking with ReturnGO



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By using ReturnGO to manage order tracking, Travelpro has improved the customer experience and streamlined its workflows, improving efficiency and revenue.


  • Decreased WISMO Inquiries: Travelpro has experienced a significant reduction in WISMO (Where Is My Order) inquiries since providing easy order tracking with ReturnGO, resulting in greater operational efficiency and reduced workload for the customer service team.
  • Increased Revenue through Upselling: By bringing customers back to the website via the order tracking page, Travelpro has been able to generate additional revenue, since 0.4% of customers who visit the tracking page place another order within half an hour, with the average time between visiting the tracking page and placing another order being 17 minutes. With an average value of $197 per repurchase case, the result is considerable new revenue generated from order tracking.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Using ReturnGO’s order tracking portal and notifications has led to a notable increase in Travelpro’s customer satisfaction levels. Customers like the convenience of being able to proactively track their orders directly through the order tracking portal as well as receiving more frequent status updates.

  • Streamlined Workflow and Operational Efficiency: ReturnGO’s order tracking solution has streamlined Travelpro’s workflow and improved operational efficiency by facilitating the connection between the shipping carriers and the eCommerce store, as well as automating the customer notifications flow.

Travelpro’s Story

Founded in 1987 by Robert Plath, a Northwest Airlines pilot known for inventing standing wheeled luggage, Travelpro is an innovator in the luggage industry. 

Initially catering to a professional audience, Travelpro later expanded its operations to include direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales, selling both through retailers such as Macy’s, Amazon, and JCPenny, and through its own localized websites, powered by Shopify.

The Challenge

Before implementing ReturnGO for the order tracking process, Travelpro faced several challenges, primarily centered around the lack of accessible order status information for customers. 

Before implementing ReturnGO, Travelpro had been using Shopify’s email notification tool, which provided only minimal communication to customers, typically only sending 3-4 emails throughout the entire delivery process.

Therefore, customers were unable to track their orders proactively and relied solely on sporadic email notifications, which led to frustration and many “Where Is My Order” (WISMO) questions flooding their customer service team. 

“Before using ReturnGO for tracking, our customers didn’t have a portal to proactively check their order status, so the customer service team had a lot of WISMO questions coming in.”

– Mark Costigliola, Director of eCommerce Operations, Travelpro

Why Travelpro Chose ReturnGO for Order Tracking

Travelpro’s decision to use ReturnGO for order tracking was driven by practical considerations and the positive experience they previously had with ReturnGO for managing returns and exchanges.

Since Travelpro was already using ReturnGO for returns management, the company saw the potential in extending its use to order tracking. As one of the early adopters of ReturnGO’s order tracking product, most of Travelpro’s stores now use ReturnGO for a complete post-purchase solution covering both returns and tracking.

“The advantage was that we were already using ReturnGO for returns, so this was just adding another element, instead of having to learn a whole new platform from scratch.”

– Mark Costigliola, Director of eCommerce Operations, Travelpro

The decision to use ReturnGO for order tracking was reinforced by ReturnGO’s user-friendly setup and cost-effectiveness. With a straightforward onboarding process that required minimal time and effort, Travelpro could quickly implement order tracking across all of its online stores, enabling the company to set up order tracking within around 30 minutes for each store.

Travelpro’s prior familiarity with ReturnGO made the onboarding process even easier, as it meant they could integrate it smoothly into their existing operations without causing disruption. Travelpro could now manage the entire post-purchase process in one place, from order tracking to returns and exchanges.

Moreover, Travelpro recognized the strategic revenue potential of using ReturnGO for order tracking. Enabling customers to track orders directly on the Travelpro website can make the process more convenient, leading to higher customer retention and repurchase rates.

How Travelpro Uses ReturnGO for Order Tracking

Using ReturnGO, Travelpro has automated the entire order tracking process, directing customers straight to a branded order tracking portal through automated email notifications.

Automated Order Tracking Process

Travelpro now sends customers 4-6 updates throughout the order fulfillment process, keeping them informed every step of the way. This increased communication has led to 93.2% of tracking cases coming from emails, demonstrating that updating customers frequently can increase their trust and reduce support calls.

Integration with Existing Systems

ReturnGO seamlessly integrates with Travelpro’s current systems like Shopify and Gorgias, enabling the company to operate more efficiently.

Using Gorgias for customer service, Travelpro has set up an automation to send them straight to the portal when someone asks about their order status. Automating this process reduces the need for manual interventions on common customer support queries such as “Where’s my order?” and “What’s my tracking number?”.

Instead, customers receive a direct link to the order tracking portal, where they can visually track their order’s journey. As a result, Travelpro has seen a drop in WISMO (Where Is My Order) calls, freeing up the customer service team to handle only the more technical or edge cases.

For example, one of Travelpro’s stores has reported having virtually no WISMO calls at all since adopting ReturnGO for order tracking, and customer service is now only contacted when there is a problem.

Transparency and Convenience

Travelpro prioritizes accessibility and transparency in its order tracking process, making the portal easily accessible through confirmation emails and website navigation. This increased transparency and convenient order tracking portal provides a better customer experience.

There seems to be a strong correlation between order tracking and customer loyalty, as customers often make repeat purchases within half an hour after tracking their orders, indicating the two are positively related.

Among customers who repurchase within half an hour of tracking an order, it takes an average of 17 minutes for them to place another order after visiting the tracking page. The financial benefits of this can be significant, with Travelpro seeing an average upsell value of $197 per upsell case.

Another benefit of this level of transparency has been that by showing upfront that order tracking is a hassle-free experience, Travelpro has significantly removed barriers to purchase in the first place, letting customers shop with confidence since they know they’ll be able to easily track their order.

“ReturnGO’s order tracking portal is customer-friendly and easy to understand, allowing us to provide an Amazon-level experience that elevates our site. “

– Mark Costigliola, Director of eCommerce Operations, Travelpro


Travelpro’s integration of ReturnGO into its order tracking process has led to remarkable results, including decreased WISMO inquiries, increased customer satisfaction, and significant revenue growth through upselling opportunities.

By using ReturnGO to automate the entire post-purchase process, Travelpro has been able to streamline its processes, make its operations more efficient, and improve the overall experience for customers, enabling the company to maintain its position as a leader in the luggage industry.

“Using ReturnGO’s order tracking has had a huge impact on customer satisfaction by making all the interactions so much simpler. The ability for customers to track their orders directly on your site, and easily repurchase, is amazing.“

Mark Costigliola

Director of eCommerce Operations, Travelpro