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One Project’s Story

One Project is an eCommerce fashion platform that offers products from over 100 popular brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Converse, as well as private brands such as Style River, and exclusive brands available only through One Project.

Founded in 2017, One Project strives to offer its customers a wide range of fashion from a large selection of worldwide brands.

As a company that places a strong emphasis on the customer experience, One Project recognized that the returns process was an essential part of doing business. 

Using ReturnGO, One Project has been able to streamline their returns management, retaining revenue while providing customers with a hassle-free return and exchange process.

The Challenge

One of the primary challenges for One Project was that the company’s previous return solution was limited to refunds. This meant that if customers wanted to exchange a product they had to go through a complicated process of receiving a refund and then buying a new item.

This limitation of customers being unable to easily exchange products resulted in customer frustration and additional workload for the team. 

Previously, One Project used a tailor-made returns solution that only met their basic needs of processing refunds and didn’t provide a streamlined exchange process. 

As they grew and the number of frustrated customers increased, One Project realized that they needed a returns management system that could provide an easy exchange process for their customers.  

To address this, One Project started looking for a solution that would enable customers to exchange items quickly and efficiently, without having to go through the hassle of a refund and repurchase.

“One of our customers’ issues was that they didn’t really have an easy exchange process, they only had the option to do a refund and then buy the item again. So here ReturnGO solves one of our big problems.”

Why One Project Chose ReturnGO

After evaluating various returns management solutions, One Project chose ReturnGO for its ability to provide easy exchanges, streamline processes through automation, and handle complex return policy rules.

“The ReturnGO features were just better than every other app that I tested.”

A major reason was that ReturnGO provided an easy exchange flow, which made it easy for customers to exchange products without any hassle. This was a significant improvement over their previous solution, which didn’t have a streamlined exchange process.

In addition to making it easier for customers to exchange products, this also enabled One Project to save a lot of refund revenue, which was important for the company.

ReturnGO’s exceptional flexibility in return policy rules made it stand out in the market among other returns solutions, influencing One Project’s decision to use ReturnGO.

This enabled One Project to provide free refunds for VIP customers and hide refund options from customers who frequently return items.

The level of flexibility that ReturnGO offered in return policy rules helped One Project tailor the returns process to their specific business needs and customer preferences.

Additionally, being able to seamlessly integrate with their store and use an API to connect shipping carriers was also a significant advantage as it was straightforward and easy to set up.

How One Project Uses ReturnGO

Reducing Refund Rates
By offering exchanges and gift cards in addition to refunds, One Project has been able to reduce its refund rates significantly. 

Customers can easily exchange products, and those who prefer not to exchange can receive a gift card that they can use for future purchases. 

This helps retain customers and also saves the company a significant amount of revenue that would have been lost due to refunds.

“By allowing customers to exchange products, and not refund them, we manage to save a lot of money on customers who don’t make a refund and just make an exchange. This helps us achieve our KPIs from a revenue aspect.”

Setting Complex Return Policy Rules

One Project creates different refund and exchange rules for different customers, items, and brands. 

Using ReturnGO’s ability to create custom rules for almost any aspect of an order, One Project is able to:

  • Prevent customers from refunding custom products that can’t be returned.
  • Restrict customers who frequently return items.
  • Provide a more exclusive experience for VIP customers.

End-to-End Automation

One Project uses ReturnGO to almost entirely automate their return workflow, integrating their logistics and ERP systems and providing a wide range of automation rules. 

The automated process means that One Project’s team doesn’t need to handle every request. Instead, they only deal with the edge cases, such as when a customer doesn’t send back what they said they would send, which happens in less than 2% of cases.

“The process is fully automated, from the customer request to the refund.”

Return Analytics

ReturnGO’s analytics and reporting system helps One Project monitor key metrics like refund value, exchange value, and gift card value on a daily basis. 

One Project also monitors the average return rate and other important data that helps them optimize their refund process and improve business operations. 

The powerful analytics and reporting features help One Project make data-driven decisions and manage returns and exchanges more effectively.

“We saw it very quickly. I thought it would take a couple of months, but in 2-3 weeks we already saw that the amount of revenue lost to refunds was decreasing.”

The Results

One Project has seen a number of positive outcomes since using ReturnGO:

Decrease in Refunds

Since offering customers the option to exchange products and receive refunds through gift cards, One Project has reduced their average refund rate by 10%.

New Revenue from Exchanges

One Project has been able to generate new revenue by offering easy exchanges and gift cards, in addition to retaining revenue that would have otherwise been lost through refunds.

Increased Efficiency

ReturnGO’s automation and streamlined process have improved the efficiency of One Project’s returns management workflow by offering easy exchanges and seamless integrations.

Overall, ReturnGO has been a valuable solution for One Project, enabling them to offer easy product exchanges and retain revenue while automating and streamlining returns management.

“I think ReturnGO is a masterpiece in the refund eCommerce process because there are a lot of apps that do some of the things but not all. This is the whole package, and when I say package I mean the app and also the team. “

Shmulik Konforty