Automate Your Amazon MCF Returns With ReturnGO
March 10, 2024
by Rebecca Fox

ReturnGO is happy to announce a new integration with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF), enabling you to automate and streamline your Amazon MCF returns and exchanges.

As the only solution in the market providing end-to-end Amazon MCF returns automation, ReturnGO seamlessly syncs your order data, streamlines your workflow, and creates a smooth customer returns experience.

How Does the Amazon MCF & ReturnGO Integration Work?

The integration provides full end-to-end automation for your Amazon MCF returns by connecting the dots between your eCommerce store, warehouse, and return portal.

Without a returns solution in place, manually handling returns can be time-consuming and tedious. The process can involve multiple back-and-forth communications with the customer, logging into Amazon Seller Central to check the status of return shipments, and individually approving each return request. It’s an error-prone workflow that can quickly become hard to manage as your business grows.

With ReturnGO, the entire returns process is automated, from customer request to final resolution. Customers can easily request a return or exchange through a self-service portal, and ReturnGO stays in sync with Amazon MCF throughout the entire process – from request to authorization to shipping labels to restocking, keeping the RMA status updated in real-time.

ReturnGO is currently the only solution that enables you to fully automate your Amazon MCF returns management, handling the behind-the-scenes work so you can focus on growing your business.

The Importance of Automating Your Amazon MCF Returns

Customers expect a fast, seamless returns experience. Returns automation enables you to handle returns efficiently at scale, offering a smooth customer experience through a self-service return portal and automated notifications.

Some of the benefits of automating your Amazon MCF returns include:

Streamline Return Processing

By implementing a self-service return portal, you ensure that return requests align with your return policy, minimizing ineligible requests.

When a customer requests a return through the branded return portal on your eCommerce website, return reasons are synchronized, and eligibility is verified automatically. Once the return request is approved, a return authorization is automatically created in Amazon Seller Central,

Advanced automation rules help you streamline RMA processing. You can customize the automation rules to define exactly which parts of the returns process you want to automate and how, enabling you to reduce handling time and efficiently manage returns at scale.

This streamlines the return workflow, freeing up your team to focus on strategic growth initiatives and minimizing the risk of human errors.

“For Amazon MCF sellers, automating returns is crucial for business success. We’re proud to be the exclusive solution offering complete automation for Amazon MCF returns and exchanges, empowering businesses to focus their energy where it matters most: growing their business.”

– Aviad Raz, CEO and Co-Founder of ReturnGO

Boost Return Accuracy

Automating your returns process helps to eliminate human errors, ensuring every return is handled precisely and ensuring the integrity of your returns process.

ReturnGO ensures consistency in your returns handling by letting you configure custom return reasons specific to Amazon MCF returns and customized return policy rules to make sure only eligible items are returned. 

Manually processing returns often leads to errors like issuing ineligible refunds, sending incorrect replacements, and managing logistics ineffectively.

Since ReturnGO seamlessly integrates with Amazon MCF’s dynamic return locations, you can guarantee that returned items are routed to the correct Amazon facility and don’t have to worry about creating return labels manually.

This level of customization and automation ensures that returns are handled in a way that aligns perfectly with your business strategy and provides a seamless experience for your customers.

Improve the Customer Experience

In the dynamic world of eCommerce, customer experience is everything. In fact, 88% of customers say that the experience a business provides is as important as its products or services.

Automating your returns process through ReturnGO helps you provide a consistent, seamless customer experience. Faster return authorization turnaround time and a simplified process for requesting a return or exchange make for a smooth and hassle-free returns process that will leave your customers feeling appreciated and valued, making them more likely to buy from your store again.

Reduce Operational Costs

Automating the refund process and minimizing manual work speeds up the refund process and reduces human error and delays, lowering your operational costs.

Processing returns manually can add up to high overhead costs, with employees needing to approve return requests, issue refunds, manage logistics, and handle every step of the process by hand.

Returns automation reduces the need for human intervention in the returns process, reducing your costs significantly and enabling you to manage returns more efficiently.

How ReturnGO Helps You Automate Your Amazon

How to Automate Your Amazon MCF Returns With ReturnGO

With ReturnGO’s powerful Amazon MCF integration, you can easily automate your entire returns workflow in just a few simple steps.

Connect your eCommerce store, sync your return reasons, eligibility rules, return locations, and other settings, and that’s it – ReturnGO handles everything for you, from return requests to refunds, exchanges, and more. 

Once connected, ReturnGO handles all the complex work behind the scenes to fully automate returns for your Amazon MCF orders.

If you’re using Amazon MCF for fullfillment and you want to start using ReturnGO to manage returns and exchanges, you can easily integrate your Amazon MCF account with your ReturnGO account to get started.

Chat with our experts to boost your customer return experience and LTV today.

Woolly Clothing Retains Revenue Using the ReturnGO-Amazon MCF Integration

The value of the Amazon MCF and ReturnGO integration can be seen in the story of Woolly Clothing, a sustainable wool clothing company, which saved time and money through the seamless ReturnGO-Amazon MCF integration.

Since using ReturnGO together with Amazon MCF, Woolly Clothing has:

  • Reduced refunds by 35.3%, from 75% of all returns down to only 39.7% of all returns.
  • Retained 60.3% of their revenue from returns, by encouraging exchanges and store credit over refunds.
  • Reduced manual work by automating the returns process, leading to streamlined workflows and a better customer experience.

Woolly Clothing was using Amazon MCF to seamlessly grow and manage inventory across sales channels and deliver a positive customer shopping experience.

As the company’s sales increased, managing returns became challenging since Amazon MCF did not have a seamless returns solution before ReturnGO, and Woolly Clothing was using the native Amazon MCF returns process, which was fully manual.

Since using ReturnGO together with Amazon MCF, Woolly Clothing has automated its entire returns process. Now return authorizations, shipping labels, and data syncing all happen seamlessly and automatically.

Using the ReturnGO-Amazon MCF integration, Woolly Clothing has reduced manual workload, improved accuracy, boosted efficiency, and provided a better returns experience to their customers. 

“ReturnGO helps us sync together our fulfillment center and website to make returns as seamless as possible, and it automates that process so we can think less about the mundane task of returns and think more about scaling and building our company.”

– Carly Cahoon, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Woolly Clothing

Read the full case study to see exactly how Woolly Clothing used ReturnGO and Amazon MCF to achieve these results.

Integrate Amazon MCF with ReturnGO to Automate Your Returns

ReturnGO is the only solution that provides full end-to-end automation for Amazon MCF returns, replacing manual tasks with scalable automation to optimize your returns workflow.

By combining advanced automation and a great customer experience, integrating ReturnGO with Amazon MCF helps you process returns seamlessly, reduce costs, improve accuracy, and boost customer satisfaction.

So if you sell on Amazon MCF, it’s time to step into the future with automated returns. Integrate ReturnGO with Amazon now to revolutionize the way you manage returns.

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Streamline your return process and ensure a great post-purchase experience for your customers.