ReturnGO’s Shop Now Solution

ReturnGO’s platform drives more exchanges, provides a better exchange experience, and drives more upsells than Loop’s Shop Now feature.

Better Exchange Experience

Offer a better return & exchange process with instant and in-portal exchanges, offering seamless options to get new items.

Delight Customers

Keep customers loyal to your store by offering bonus credit that encourages them to discover new products they love.

More Upsells

Boost revenue by driving upsells through convenient exchanges and enticing bonus credit, resulting in higher profits.

The Impact of ReturnGO’s Exchanges


Retained Revenue

Average Exchange Upsell

Avg. Store Credit Upsell

How ReturnGO Outperforms Loop’s Shop Now

ReturnGO’s flexible exchange options work together with bonus credit and advanced automations to create a returns experience that feels just like shopping.


Instant Credit

No support for store credit, only gift cards.

Offer instant store credit customers can immediately use to buy new items in your store.

In-Portal Exchanges

Navigating away from the portal may result in suboptimal user experiences.


Let your customers search and browse your collections directly within your embedded portal, without being redirected.

Instant Exchanges

Customers can opt for immediate shipment of new items, under certain conditions. 

Let your customers get their new items shipped immediately without waiting for the original items to be returned, by placing a credit card hold via a secure payment solution.

Switch to Exchange

Basic options to incentivize exchanges over refunds.


Reduce refunds by incentivizing customers to switch refund requests to exchanges with smart incentivization rules.

One-Click Exchanges


Inconvenient process for exchanging variants.


Since most exchanges are for another variant of the same product, offer easier one-click exchanges.

Exchange Upsells

Limited opportunity for customers to upgrade during exchanges in-portal.

Boost revenue by letting customers exchange for higher-priced items and pay the difference in-portal.

Bonus Credit


Reward customers with basic bonus credit.


Reward customers with bonus credit using smart rules and conditions.

Theme Compatibility


Pages on your website may be affected by Loop, impacting functionality and integrations.

The portal can be isolated so that changes do not affect the website or disrupt third-party solutions and integrations. 

Omnichannel Returns

Only compatible with Shopify, with no support for other platforms.

Supports multiple platforms and sales channels, providing a full omnichannel sales and returns experience.

Still sure you want Loop’s Shop Now? We can provide you with the same in-store experience – contact us for a quote.