Top 10 Reasons to Use ReturnGO
David Miles

March 12, 2023

ReturnGO is a disruptive e-commerce return management platform that uses AI to provide a unique, hassle-free return & exchange experience to customers. Available on Shopify’s app store for every Shopify Plan, including Shopify Plus, ReturnGO is gaining immense popularity among retailers.

But, why should you use ReturnGO and how will it benefit your e-commerce business? Let’s find out!

Reason #10: A Self-Service Portal

The ReturnGO portal lets your customers make requests for return and exchange without having to contact any support staff. It drastically reduces the load of customer support and also your staff requirement.

ReturnGO makes daily return and exchange requests run smoothly.

Reason #9: Provides a Better Return Experience

Your customers will experience innovative, professional, and easy ways to make their return requests. They can process their requests on any device of their choice.

ReturnGO’s easy return experience focuses on customer satisfaction and increases the chances of them doing business with you again.

After all, when it comes to any business, the customer is king. ReturnGO helps you convert one-time customers into loyalists.

Reason #8: Any Store, Any Language, Any Currency

ReturnGO is a portal built for everyone. Irrespective of whether your e-store is new, mid-sized or a large enterprise, ReturnGO has got you covered. It supports all languages and currencies.

Reason #7: Exchange in One-Click

Most returns and exchanges are usually caused due to incorrect size. ReturnGO offers your customers the chance to quickly exchange their product with another size or color first. It makes a seamless connection with your Shopify store and notifies your customers of the stock available at any given moment, making the return & exchange process fast and quick.

Reason #6: Carrier Integration

ReturnGO can connect with popular shipping providers and generate pre-paid labels in real-time. It also helps you to maximize customer loyalty by engaging the customers with post-purchase tracking and notifications.

Reason #5: Store Credit Over Refunds

The software develops its own credit system based on Shopify discount codes. Irrespective of whether the customer is a guest or an account holder, they will be able to use their credits at checkout while also being able to see their remaining balance, expiry, and more.

Reason #4: A Different Level of Support

Client satisfaction is of utmost significance to any business and ReturnGO understands that. You can contact support any time of the day, any day of the week via online chat or email. You can also schedule a zoom meeting as you need. ReturnGO will be there to solve your queries and answer your questions every step of the way!

Reason #3: Trusted by Well-Known Brands

Every day more and more brands are choosing to use ReturnGO and its unique services. ReturnGO puts your security and privacy first. It also supports GDPR and various other privacy regulations to ensure that your business is safe.

Reason #2: Encourage Exchanges and Credit Using AI

ReturnGO handles it all if you let it. Allow ReturnGO to encourage your customers to skip the typical refund resolution and instead opt for store credit! In short, ReturnGO’s smart algorithm offers your customers the right amount of credit which prompts them to choose the best resolution for you and your store.

Using machine learning, ReturnGO continually learns how to maximize customer repurchase rate and average order value.

It also protects you against frauds and keeps you informed about your customers while maximizing your profits.

Reason #1: Easy to Use, Simple Pricing Model

The idea behind ReturnGO is to make life easy for you. The platform is flexible and easy to use. Its pricing model too is simple, clear, and fair. There are no hidden charges for features you will not use. Just choose a plan that best suits your needs and help ReturnGO provide an optimal solution to your e-commerce return needs.

Take the leap and allow ReturnGO to revolutionize the way e-commerce returns work!

Let’s Connect

If you believe ReturnGO is the best thing that can ever happen to you and your business, install ReturnGO’s return & exchange app from Shopify’s app store. Start using the free trial and let ReturnGO speak for itself.

In case you have any questions or would like to schedule a demo, feel free to hit us up by sending an email to [email protected]

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