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ReturnGO partners with leading eCommerce solutions, technology companies, and retail services to provide the best post-purchase experience possible.

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Agency Partners

Help merchants grow their eCommerce businesses by introducing them to ReturnGO.

Technology Partners

Create powerful integrations that boost the performance of merchants who use ReturnGO.

Affiliate Partners

Monetize your following by sharing about ReturnGO online and earning commission.

Why Become a Partner?

Build World-Class Tech

Develop cutting-edge post-purchase solutions through custom integrations or tailored apps using our open API.

Create Something Amazing

Collaborate with us to build a streamlined, effective post-purchase journey for eCommerce merchants.

Access Data and Analytics

Give your merchants access to advanced returns data for conversion rate optimization, reconciling, and other strategic initiatives.

Encourage Growth

Discover new avenues for growth by partnering with ReturnGO to streamline the post-purchase process.

Unlock Business Potential

By working together we can bring our shared values to eCommerce merchants looking to grow and streamline their workflow.

Innovate and Collaborate

Bring eCommerce into a new era of possibilities by embracing innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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Let’s make the post-purchase experience better together.

Streamline your return process and ensure a great post-purchase
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