Our powerful AI technology integrated wherever you are

Our ReturnScore technology gives your customer the best alternative to the return while increasing your profits.

ReturnScore technology

ReturnScore technology works behind the scenes giving
customers immediate spending power

Machine learning

ReturnGO gets smarter over time. Its predictions improve by analyzing the behaviors and retail habits of your customers. Our algorithms are continually improving with data gathering from review websites, industry trends, and user-generated content.

Tailor-made behavior predictions

ReturnGO responds dynamically and uniquely to each return
request by predicting customer behavior, to achieve the best
results for the customer and
your store.

100’s of parameters

Behind the scenes, ReturnGO’s ReturnScore technology considers hundreds of parameters before deciding the correct compensation to offer your customers.

ReturnGO AI

Your return policy. Our technology.

Free returns policy

Despite the culture of free return policies becoming the expected for most customers, return rates are a huge drain on a company’s profits. ReturnGO works alongside your usual return policy to offer your customers a better alternative as a default solution – ultimately saving you resources and costs on returns. If they’re not interested, they can still request a refund and continue down the standard returns process.

ReturnScore Technology

Return abuse is difficult to detect and can lead to huge losses. Our unique ReturnScore technology makes it impossible for customers to take advantage of store credit return alternatives. We also ensure the customer has all the information they need to make an informed choice about their return and the alternatives. The result? Customers who order more, and return less.

Conflict-free interaction

Our technology will never interfere with your return policy. Instead, we work alongside the process to deter return requests through customized incentives, encouraging the customer to cancel the refund request. ReturnGO not only increases your bottom line, it reduces the cost of reverse logistics and restocking.