Profitable Returns

Our exchange-first returns platform increases LTV and reduces waste, providing a seamless post- purchase experience.

Trusted by 2500+ brands

Trusted By 2500+
Leading Brands

Branded Return Portal

Customize a branded self-service return portal through which customers can easily request returns and exchanges.

Enhanced flexibility

Personalize your return policy, notifications, and return portal to fit your requirements and provide a seamless post-purchase experience.

Maximize Profit

Gain actionable insights to improve your return workflows, encourage more exchanges and reduce logistic costs.

Fits The Needs Of Any Business
ReturnGO is the perfect platform for businesses of all sizes, from small retailers to
large international brands.

Multiple Carriers

Connect directly with supported carriers or aggregators.

Multiple Platforms

Choose from pre-built integrations or use our API to connect with other platforms, apps, and services.

Multiple Locations

Utilize our supported network of warehouses and drop-off locations in US and worldwide.

Effortless Returns For Everyone
Improve your customers’ return experience with our
easy to use self-service returns portal.
Adaptable To Any Store

Integrate a self-service return portal into your business, no matter your industry or return policy.

Flexible Integrations

Set up seamless integrations with business tools and services such as shipping carriers, ERPs, and CRMs.

Enterprise-Grade Solution

Make your returns workflow more efficient with ReturnGO’s flexible, customizable, scalable, and secure returns management solution.

Customized Workflow
Customize your returns workflow with AI, aligning
customers needs with your products
Actionable Insights
Our AI-Driven actionable insights tool automatically
identifies returns trends and suggests ways for you to
optimise your return and exchange process.
Sustainable Returns
Reduce your store’s environmental impact by preventing
unnecessary shipments and providing more sustainable
return options.
E-Commerce profits live and die on returns. ReturnGo offers a brilliant way to prompt
customers to consider alternatives, increase LTV and customer satisfaction.
Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Elastic Path
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