Magento Order Management Software (OMS): Everything You Need to Know
Katie Nguyen

June 9, 2024

Magento order management software (OMS) offers features to accelerate your order management process in Magento stores. Magento order management software can level up your business in many ways, especially the efficiency and accuracy of order management processing. 

This article will walk you through the definition and benefits of a Magento OMS and the essential criteria for choosing a suitable Magento order management system that meets your business needs and budget.   

What is a Magento Order Management System?

A Magento Order Management System (OMS) is a solution that enables businesses to sync orders from multiple sales channels, inventories, and suppliers, thus seamlessly managing the whole fulfillment process in a single dashboard. 

Complete order management software enables merchants to manage orders from the moment the customer places an order to receiving orders and completing payments. Instead of controlling orders manually, you can save time and labor costs by easily managing inventory levels, order status, and shipping status. This tool also gives you advanced reporting to make data-driven decisions on business performance

6 Benefits of Order Management Systems for Magento

  1. Streamlined Order Processing: Automating many tasks of order fulfillment, such as picking, packing, and shipping. 
  2. Multi-channel Order Management: Syncing order database from all sales channels of your business (online and offline) in one place. 
  3. Real-time Inventory Visibility: Updating real-time inventory data lets you keep track of stock numbers more accurately. 
  4. Enhanced Customer Experience: Providing customers faster and smoother shopping experiences, through seamless order processing, easy return and exchange, etc.   
  5. Improved Operational Efficiency: Reducing costs and manpower of operating and managing orders while enhancing performances by OMS features. 
  6. POS integration: Streamlining all retail business processes with Magento POS and order management. 

7 Criteria to Consider When Choosing Magento OMS

To find the best OMS for Magento, you need to consider the following criteria each solution is perfect for every business model. 

  1. Core Order Management

Viewing and editing orders, tracking order status, automating picking/packing/shipping processes, and providing customer communication tools are important parts of an OMS. So, you can increase operational productivity by reducing manual paperwork and human errors. 

  1. Real-Time Data Sync

Data sync is another important feature of a Magento OMS if you sell omnichannel. That means if you only sell on Magento stores, you should use a Magento order management extension.

Otherwise, you can manage multiple warehouses, have more control over inventory, and update real-time shipping options with a Magento order management system. These features enable you to reduce the difficulties of omnichannel management, especially when scaling up your business. 

  1. Scalability

A Magento 2 order fulfillment system should also adapt to the projected growth of your business. OMS extensions are budget-friendly options for businesses on a small scale.

However, they might be ideal for fast-growing companies, as they can’t handle increasing order volume and business complexity. Hence, fast-growing or large-scale businesses should consider OMS software for a lean management process. 

  1. Seamless Integration 

Another feature for your consideration is whether the OMS is designed for seamless integration and smooth data sync with your Magento store.

Order management software will be much easier to integrate with your store than OMS extensions. You may need more than one extension to handle your entire order management, which can result in conflicts. 

  1. Ease of Use 

While the system might be complicated, the ease of use is a result of a user-friendly interface that allows users to use it conveniently. 

  1. Security 

An order management system needs to ensure the security and confidentiality of customer and transaction data through encryption with robust authentication. That’s the reason a good system goes with quality codes, high security, and qualified developers. 

  1. Transparency 

You should choose a Magento order management software with a transparent pricing plan with specific services, on either the website or the first call with the sales team.

To avoid additional hidden costs, you must understand what you need and join a consultant call to share with solution providers.  

How to Choose the Right OMS for Magento 

A Magento order management system will level up your sales performance, especially order fulfillment. However, it depends on the compatibility of the system with your store and business needs. 

Here is how you can choose the most suitable OMS for your Magento stores: 

  1. Determine your business needs and goals: First and foremost, you should identify what you need and want to achieve from a Magento OMS – data sync of inventory, automation, smoother operations, etc. This helps you be clear about what features of the software/extension to look for. 
  2. Consider your budget: Determining budgets in the beginning can save you from overspending, which can profoundly impact your store’s profits. You can easily narrow down the segments of an OMS meeting your budget, easing the selection process.  
  3. Vendor research: Once you determine what you need and how much you can pay, you can go online to research available vendors matching your requirements.   
  4. Evaluate possible options: Each Magento 2 OMS system has its benefits and drawbacks. The important thing is that it matches your business needs and budget limits. 
  5. Develop an implementation plan: After considering and evaluating options, you’ll be able to choose an OMS that works the best for your business. The next step is to design a plan to smooth the implementation process and bring out the most productivity.  

Magestore POS is a software specially designed for Magento stores, providing you with a fully integrated order management system. It helps you: 

  • Manage and sync all orders across sales channels in real time. 
  • Keep track of real-time inventory from different warehouses. 
  • Solve inventory transfer and multiple warehouses.
  • Automate your order fulfillment process, such as picking, packing, and shipping.  
  • Accept multiple shipping methods including buy online pickup in-store (BOPIS), return, and refund in-store. Magestore POS can integrate with ReturnGO, the world’s leading sustainable returns management platform, to streamline your omnichannel return process. Seamless shopping and return-or-exchange experiences help you earn higher satisfaction and more customer credibility. 
  • Use a customizable solution to match your scalable business needs. 


If you are selling on Magento and in brick-and-mortar stores, you need a Magento order management solution to automate the whole order processing and fulfillment. 

We recommend investing in an order management system to manage all business operations effectively and economically instead of using two separate tools. 

Especially if you handle high volumes of products and orders per day, a Magento-native POS/OMS like Magestore can be a game-changer for your business. 

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