RLM Apparel Software


RLM Apparel Software is a leading apparel ERP system designed specifically for the fashion industry.

ReturnGO integrates with RLM Apparel Software to transform your returns management process.

The integration bridges the gap between the two platforms, enabling you to exchange essential information to enhance your operational efficiency.

Using the integration, RLM Apparel Software gets automated updates with RMA information from ReturnGO, ensuring accuracy and real-time data synchronization.

Simultaneously, ReturnGO receives restocking and item validation information from RLM Apparel Software, giving you full visibility into the status of your return inventory.


Sync Return Data
Sync the systems with updated return status information to ensure accuracy and reliability.
Reduce Discrepancies
Minimize the chances of data errors and discrepancies by automating information exchange.
Boost Efficiency
Streamline your workflows to increase efficiency and productivity by reducing manual tasks.