Envoi du Net
A French 3PL specializing in delivering reliable and cost-effective shipping solutions.


Envoi du Net is a French 3PL that provides cost-effective and efficient shipping solutions. ReturnGO integrates with Envoi du Net to help you manage return shipments as seamlessly as possible.

The integration enables you to document returns in Envoi du Net and generate return labels, ensuring a smooth and convenient return experience for your customers, as well as real-time return tracking updates to provide visibility into the status of returned items at every step of the return shipment journey.

Integrating ReturnGO and Envoi du Net makes the returns shipping process more accurate and seamless, simplifying your workflow and saving you time.


Reduce Costs
Streamline your return shipping process and free up valuable time and resources for other tasks.
Make Returns Easy
Provide return labels to make it easy for customers to ship back their items.
Increase Transparency
Update customers in real-time on the status of their return throughout the entire return shipping process.