What Is an RMA?

If you are in the business of selling products to consumers then you will be dealing with returns. You will need to understand what an RMA is and the role it plays in the process for returns. An RMA, or return merchandise authorization, is the beginning of the return process. This is when a product is returned to a business and the business discusses with the customer if they are able to complete a refund, replacement, or repair for the product. The return process would not be able to flow without an RMA process in place. The Return Merchandise Authorization allows the business to fully understand the issues the customer has with the product and assist in finding an end solution for all parties.

Return Merchandise Authorization Numbers

There are RMA numbers that have been assigned to a business. These numbers allow for the business to easily track products as they are returned to the warehouse in order for the warehouse inventory management software to be updated once the product has arrived back at the facility. These numbers are even more important to those businesses that work through servicing and repairs for product returns.

RMA Forms

These particular forms are utilized in order to collect vital information about the product and the reason for the return. The information the form contains is pertinent to the process and includes details such as; customer information, product data, the reason for the return, and then the final decision of return or refund.

Process for Return Merchandise Authorization

The process of returning, exchanging, or refunding can quickly become overwhelming and frustrating for a customer. Therefore, it is important for any successful business to streamline the return process while providing top customer service. Some of the top companies have set up return processes that customers are able to initiate from within the app and experience credit or exchange in real-time. Most importantly, a company must determine what their return policy and the process will look like and clearly establish that process. Next, the company should create its own Return Merchandise Authorization form. The company should decide on what information is crucial for the return or exchange process and compile the necessary form. This form should be simple and easy for all customers to be able to complete. Lastly, the company will need to navigate the shipping and handling of the products. As a company, it needs to be stated to the customer if the product will be eligible for shipping or will be picked up and how to handle the prepaid shipping label for the product.

Frequently Asked Questions About Return Merchandise Authorizations

Why is an RAM important?

This method assigns a number for the company to track the product, provides the customer a way to track the progress of the return, and keeps communication between all parties.

What is a Return Merchandise Authorization slip?

The slip is a piece of paper that is provided to the customer in order to be completed for the return process. Some companies send this slip with every order shipped while other companies only send it to customers who request a return. The slips typically ask for as least four key pieces of information including; product information, customer contact information, the reason for the return, and then the refundable amount.

The overall process for Return Merchandise Authorization may seem overwhelming; however, this process allows companies to streamline returns and keep products moving to customers. By following the quick steps above a form can be created in order to have a steady and easy return process for any business.


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