ReturnGO & Happy Returns Integration: Return Drop-Offs Made Easy 
January 12, 2023
by Rebecca Fox

ReturnGO is happy to announce a new integration with Happy Returns, a PayPal company. With this new integration, your store can offer box-free, label-free return drop-offs at over 5,000 locations across the US including FedEx, Ulta Beauty, and Staples.  

How Does the Happy Returns and ReturnGO Integration Work? 

The integration with Happy Returns enables you to offer US customers the option to take returns to a drop-off location, known as a Return Bar, instead of shipping them back directly to the store. 

With the Happy Returns integration in place, the drop-off location return process will look like this: 

1. Customers initiate a return through your store’s ReturnGO return portal and choose to return the items at a nearby Return Bar. 

2. Once the return is approved, the customer receives instructions on how to return the items to a Return Bar location. The customer brings the item to a Return Bar of their choice, along with a QR code they receive by email. 

3. The Return Bar processes the return for you, including a Return Bar staffer validating the items being returned.  

4. ReturnGO automatically refunds the customer and/or releases an exchange once the returned items are received and validated at the Return Bar. 

5. The returns are aggregated and shipped to a Happy Returns Return Hub, where they are consolidated and shipped back to your store or warehouse. 

The Happy Returns integration makes it convenient for customers to return items and easy for you to process returns efficiently. 

Setting up the Happy Returns Integration 

You can configure your Happy Returns integration in your return methods settings, where you can create a return method that uses its Return Bars. You can then adjust your return policy to specify when customers are offered the option of returning items to a Return Bar. 

Offering free drop-off returns while charging for returns by mail can encourage customers to choose the return method that costs you the least while providing a positive customer experience. 

In fact, a survey of over 2,000 U.S. shoppers commissioned by PayPal in late 2022 showed that 72% of shoppers reported they are more likely to shop with a merchant that offers in-person returns1

Benefits of Using the Happy Returns Integration 

By integrating with Happy Returns, you can streamline the return process, making it convenient for customers to return items, reducing your shipping costs, and helping to improve sustainability. 

Customer Convenience 

The integration with Happy Returns provides an easy and convenient option for customers to return items. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction, as they are able to return items in a way that is convenient for them.  

More than half of customers prefer an in-person drop-off return method to any other return method, so offering the option of drop-off returns can help increase customer loyalty. 

Many customers don’t have a printer with which to print pre-paid return labels, or don’t like the hassle of repackaging and shipping out returned items. 78% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Return Bar2, helping to make the return process with Happy Returns convenient for customers. 

Reduced Shipping Costs 

The Happy Returns drop-off return method can help reduce the cost of shipping returns, as customers can return items in person rather than having to ship their returns back to you.  

By consolidating returns at a central location and shipping them from there to your warehouse, the number of shipments will be reduced. This can lower the overall cost of the returns process, as shipping costs can add up, especially for stores that handle a high volume of returns.  

Drives Sustainability 

Using Happy Returns’ Return Bars is a sustainable return method, as it can reduce the amount of shipping required for returns. This can help lower the overall carbon footprint of your returns process, as shipping contributes greatly to greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Happy Returns integration can also help you reduce packaging waste since customers can return items without cardboard boxes instead of repackaging them for shipping. 

Streamlined Return Process 

With the Happy Returns integration, you can reduce the amount of time and resources required to process returns.  

By having the Happy Returns team validate returned items at the Return Bars, you don’t have to spend precious resources processing mailed-in returns. 

The integration with Happy Returns can also help to improve the accuracy of the returns process, since customers can return items in person and they are validated right away by Return Bar staff who are accepting these pieces. This can help to reduce errors and misunderstandings, which can save time and resources in the long run. 

Using Happy Returns to consolidate your returns can make it easy to track and process them, improving the overall efficiency of the returns process. 

Integrate with Happy Returns to Streamline Your Returns 

ReturnGO’s new integration with Happy Returns makes it easy for you to provide your customers with a convenient and efficient way to return items. 

Given that 72% of customers are more likely to shop with a store that offers in-person returns 1, integrating Happy Returns with your ReturnGO account can help make returns beautiful for retailers, shoppers, and the planet.   

Get started today to reduce shipping costs, streamline returns, and increase sustainability. 


1. TRC, commissioned by PayPal, September 8-19, 2022. The research was conducted by TRC, with fieldwork administered by Forsta across 2,002 U.S. consumers who returned an online purchase within the past year (n=2,002). 

2. U.S. Census Data, 2020

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