Provide Pre-Paid Return Shipping Labels

Improve the customer experience and easily track return shipments by offering pre-paid return shipping labels as part of the returns process.

Explore the possibilities of pre-paid return shipping labels to transform your returns process.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with your shipping carrier to automatically generate pre-paid return shipping labels and track return shipments.

Customer Convenience

By offering pre-paid return shipping labels, customers don’t have to worry about figuring out how to ship their returned items.

Improved Accuracy

Pre-paid return shipping labels help return shipments get sent to the right warehouse and reduce the risk of mislabeled packages.

Simplify the Returns Process

Providing pre-paid return shipping labels simplifies the returns process for customers and makes it easy for them to return items.

Customers don’t have to worry about paying for postage or finding a suitable carrier. They can simply print the label, attach it to their package, and drop it off at a convenient location.

Prevent Waste

Sending customers pre-paid return shipping labels that are charged upon use is much more eco-friendly than including pre-printed return labels with the original order.

Only labels that are actually used are printed, reducing paper and ink consumption and preventing unnecessary labels from ending up in the trash. Additionally, you can provide QR codes for printerless returns, to reduce waste even further. 


Improve Transparency

By offering your customers pre-paid return shipping labels, you improve transparency by enabling them to track the status of their returns in real-time.

Return shipping labels typically include:


Shipping carrier and service type


Sender and recipient information


Shipping barcode and/or QR code