Enhance Your ReturnGO Subscription Plan With Add-Ons
Rebecca Fox

April 4, 2023

With add-ons, you can enhance your ReturnGO subscription to fit your unique needs, resulting in a more personalized returns management solution. Here’s what you need to know about add-ons if you’re looking to take your returns management to the next level.

What Are Add-Ons?

Add-ons enable you to enhance your subscription plan to fit your needs by adding specific features that aren’t included in your subscription plan.

Some of the add-on features available include video upload, product exchange, and more. Choose the add-ons that best suit your store’s return policy and business needs to personalize your returns management.

Why Use Add-Ons?

Add-ons help you personalize your subscription plan to fit your needs, enabling you to manage returns more efficiently and offer a more seamless return process.

By selecting the add-ons that are most relevant to your store, you can create a subscription plan tailored to your store’s needs, which can help you better manage returns and reduce costs.

Add-ons offer a more flexible and cost-effective solution than upgrading to a higher-tier subscription plan. With add-ons, you can add only the specific extra features you need instead of paying for a bigger plan.

When upgrading your plan to one that already includes the add-on as a regular feature, you will no longer be charged for the feature separately.

Benefits of Add-Ons

Add-ons provide a wide range of benefits, including:

Flexibility – Add-ons enable you to add specific features you need, giving you greater flexibility and control over your returns process.

Affordability – Add-ons are priced individually, so you can choose to add only the features you need, without the expense of upgrading to a higher subscription plan. This makes it more affordable to add features as needed.

Efficiency – Add-ons enable you to add features such as product exchange, white-label return portal, and item validation, which can help you improve your returns process and manage returns more efficiently.

Scalability – Add-ons can be added or removed at any time, making it easier for you to scale your returns solution as your business grows. 

Setting Up Add-Ons

Setting up add-ons is simple and can be done directly from your ReturnGO dashboard. All you need to do is go to your store account page, select the features you want to add to your plan, and then you’ll be able to see the updated price of your plan including the add-ons, after which you’ll be redirected to the Shopify billing page where you can confirm the new billing. 

With just a few clicks, you can enhance your ReturnGO plan to fit your business needs and make the most of your returns management. 

What Types of Add-Ons Can You Choose?

ReturnGO add-ons offer a wide range of features you can add to your plan to help you manage returns more effectively. 

Currently, the features you can enable as add-ons include product exchange, white label return portal, video upload, and item validation. Keep in mind that new add-ons are being made available all the time.

Product Exchange

Adding product exchanges to your return resolutions enables customers to exchange an item they want to return for a different product, directly through your store’s return portal.

Product exchanges can help streamline the exchange process and improve the customer experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Benefits of product exchanges include:

Improved Customer Experience – Enabling customers to exchange products can greatly improve the customer experience. Customers are more likely to return products if they know they can easily exchange them for something else, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Streamlined Process – Product exchange helps streamline the returns process by enabling customers to initiate exchanges directly from your website. This can reduce your workload and minimize the risk of disputes and return fraud.

Increased Repeat Purchases – By offering product exchanges, you can increase your repeat purchases and thereby your bottom line. Customers who exchange a product are more likely to come back and buy something else from your store, resulting in more revenue.

Customizable Exchange Policy – ReturnGO’s product exchange feature is fully customizable, giving you the flexibility to control the cost of exchanges, set product-specific exchange policies, and ensure that the exchange process runs smoothly and efficiently.

White-Label Return Portal

With a white-label return portal, there’s no indication that your return portal is powered by ReturnGO, giving your customers a seamless, consistent return experience. 

Instead of having “Powered by ReturnGO” at the bottom of your return portal, your portal will be fully integrated into your website, with only your own branding, colors, and logo.

All ReturnGO return portals are customizable so that they look and feel like the rest of your eCommerce store. White-labeling adds that final touch of making your return portal your own, so your customers won’t know that it’s powered externally.

Video Upload

With the video upload feature, you can ask customers to upload a video of the product they want to return, demonstrating any defects, damages, or issues with the product. 

All merchants using ReturnGO can require customers to upload photos. The video feature enables customers to upload videos as well. The storage limit for videos is 15GB, which translates to approximately 1000 videos.

Videos are helpful to provide a more accurate and detailed view of the product, making it easier to assess the return request and decide whether to approve it or not.

For example, if you get a lot of damaged item returns that need a more thorough inspection, you can add the video upload add-on so customers can upload videos to show you the item’s condition more accurately. 

By reducing the need for further correspondence between the customer and your team, the video upload add-on can streamline your returns process, by helping you understand the issue and make a decision more quickly.

Item Validation

With item validation, you can have your team inspect returned items, validate their condition, and mark whether they are restockable.

By having an efficient system in place for validating returned items, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to process returns, and document more information.

You can also use item validation to set up automations that help streamline your returns process, such as automatically triggering refunds when the item is validated.

The item validation feature is also useful if you integrate with a warehouse management system (WMS), as it enables the WMS to validate your returned items and for that information to be reflected on your ReturnGO dashboard accordingly.

These are just a few examples of the many add-ons available to ReturnGO users. With a range of features to choose from, there’s something to suit every need and every business. 

Whether you’re looking to streamline the returns process, improve the customer experience, or maximize the value you receive from your ReturnGO subscription, add-ons are a flexible and cost-effective solution.

Use Add-Ons to Enhance Your Returns Management

Add-ons offer another level of flexibility to your ReturnGO returns management solution.

By enabling you to add specific features you need, add-ons help to create a returns management solution that is tailored to the unique needs of your online store. 

Whether you’re looking to streamline the inspection process, improve the customer experience, or maximize the value you receive from your ReturnGO subscription, add-ons are a great option.

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