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Is ReturnGO a white label solution?

Yes. With ReturnGO – all customer engagement reflects your brand and voice through a seamless experience across your environment.

What does it take to integrate with ReturnGO?

We aim to quickly integrate with all types of e-commerce platforms and 3PL. We have already successfully integrated with several leading platforms, and are consistently working to add more.

We offer complimentary custom integration for any platform. We will work to adapt to your specific industry and volume of returns.

Please schedule a demo for details.

How do you handle customer information and privacy?

We don’t save any customer information on our servers. ReturnGO only uses the necessary information to analyze the customer profile.

Statistics will be shown based on user IDs only, without any personal information, such as name, email, address, etc.

Is ReturnGO a standalone solution?

Yes, but not mandatory.

ReturnGO is a full return management solution that specializes in resolving your customer return requests by offering them smart store credit alternatives.

If you already use any return solution such as an automatic "return center", we can still integrate alongside.

I can provide gift cards manually to my customers myself. Why do I need you?

Two main reasons:

First, our technology knows precisely which offers to provide your customers in order to maximize your long term profits.

Second, we provide the store-credits automatically and instantly, increasing your repurchase rate and user experience dramatically.

How does ReturnGO decide the value of store credit to offer my customer?

Our tool considers hundreds of parameters for every order associated with a return request.

We predict the most optimized offer for any user to encourage them to cancel their return request, while maximizing their spending beyond just store credits.

At the end of the day, our success is your bottom line profit, which you will see from dashboard statistics.

What should my customers do with their original item?

This depends on the reason for the return request. ReturnGO has a smart algorithm that will assess what to offer the customer as an alternative based on your setup.

To see exactly how it works, please schedule a demo.

What happens if my customers reject the ReturnGO offer?

If a customer would still prefer to return an item, they can then proceed with your standard return process for a refund.

I don’t have a credits program. Do you provide such a solution?

Yes. It's part of our solution.

Once a customer wants to return a product using credits, it will be deducted from their credits balance.

Additionally, our credit program will NOT conflict with any other credit or loyalty program you may use already in your store.

Do you have any special offers due to the Covid-19 situation?

Yes, we do. No matter how many returns you have. Please schedule a free demo with no commitment, and we will be able to give you all our options.

How can I promote my brand using ReturnGO?

ReturnGO assists you to offer your customers a smooth and more positive return experience. It affords them the confidence in your exchange process and builds customer loyalty. This will encourage shoppers to repurchase from you in the future.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

Please email us at [email protected] with any further inquiries. Alternatively you can request a demo.