Build Data-Driven Return Journeys

Track and monitor return analytics, user engagement, and behavior at every step

Trusted by over 2500+ stores

Increase profits,
Recover lost revenue
Use returns data to get the complete picture to improve return workflows and inventory planning.
Define your
return strategy
Free returns or not? See your return performance and decide.
customer experience
Easily identify the product issues and key gaps in your return process.

20+ integrations

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31% of retailers say that
managing the returns
process has an impact
on their profit margin.

actionable insights
Optimize your operational workflows and improve your returns policy to increase business performance while reducing return rates.
customer lifetime value
How quickly your store returns are being processed and what can be done to make the process much quicker.
your product offerings
Understand your return performance to plan inventory better and improve product offerings.

Evaluate performance
trends through historical
data analysis

Uncover early signals of … disruptions and solve problematic exceptions quickly.

Equip your teams to turn
a pain point into a valuable
customer touch point

Keep logistics, eCommerce, and customer care teams in lockstep with total visibility into performance insights.
Give your customers an engaging & seamless
return experience to retain brand loyalty