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How Hey Harper Optimized Return Logistics With ReturnGO

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Increased Efficiency

Improved Visibility

Hey Harper has gained increased visibility and flexibility in handling returns across multiple markets by using ReturnGO, enabling it to offer customized return policies that increase customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiency.

The Results

Since using ReturnGO, Hey Harper has seen a significant improvement in its returns management and customer experience, leading to tangible business benefits:

  • Improved Visibility: The extensive reporting and analytics provided by ReturnGO have given Hey Harper more visibility into its returns data, enabling more informed decisions about policies, product design, and supply chain. This data-driven approach has enabled Hey Harper to continually optimize its returns strategy and improve the customer experience.
  • Increased Efficiency: By integrating ReturnGO with Sendcloud, Hey Harper has streamlined its returns process globally using its existing carrier, Evri. This resulted in significant cost savings and overcame logistical challenges in the UK and EU markets.

  • Increased Revenue Retention: Offering a range of refund, exchange, and store credit options enables Hey Harper to retain and generate revenue from returns, with an average retained revenue rate of 40.35%. When redeeming store credit, customers add an average of $22.29, while those redeeming gift cards add an average of $34.94. This demonstrates how offering these return options can increase customer lifetime value.

Hey Harper’s Story

Founded in 2019, Hey Harper is a jewelry and accessories brand that has quickly gained a loyal following for its high-quality, affordable, and long-lasting stainless steel products. 

With a focus on durability and affordability, Hey Harper aims to provide high-quality stainless steel jewelry and accessories that can withstand everyday wear without compromising style.

The Challenge

As Hey Harper grew and expanded its operations globally over the last few years, managing returns across multiple markets became increasingly complex. The brand previously relied on a different returns management platform but over time found that it was not well-suited for their international operations.

With customers located in the US, UK, and EU, Hey Harper needed a robust, automated returns solution that could seamlessly integrate with all its shipping and logistics providers.

Hey Harper’s previous returns solution was US-focused, making it challenging for Hey Harper to provide a consistent and efficient returns experience for customers in other key markets, such as the UK and EU. The company needed a more flexible and globally-oriented returns management platform that could seamlessly integrate with its shipping providers across various regions.

“We needed a better solution to handle returns in the UK, EU, and US that could connect with our shipping partners in those regions.”

– Vasco Fernandes, Head of Operations and CX, Hey Harper

Why Hey Harper Chose ReturnGO & Sendcloud

Upon recognizing the shortcomings of its existing returns solution, Hey Harper set out to find a more versatile platform that could meet the demands of its diverse international customer base and advanced eligibility rules. 

After evaluating several returns management platforms, Hey Harper selected ReturnGO, in part for its unparalleled integration capabilities, notably its seamless integration with the brand’s existing European shipping solution, Evri, via Sendcloud. Hey Harper understood that this integration would enable Hey Harper to optimize return shipping and overcome the logistical challenges associated with returns processing in the EU and UK.

“Since ReturnGO is connected with Evri via Sendcloud, we can use Evri for both outbound and inbound shipments, resulting in significant cost savings.”

– Vasco Fernandes, Head of Operations and CX, Hey Harper

Furthermore, ReturnGO’s flexible return policies aligned perfectly with Hey Harper’s commitment to providing a personalized and hassle-free returns experience for its customers. The transition to using ReturnGO didn’t disrupt the end customer experience – the returns process remained quite similar, ensuring an intuitive and fully branded experience even as the brand shifted to a new returns management platform.

Implementing ReturnGO primarily made a difference to Hey Harper’s backend, streamlining the operational side of the business.

How Hey Harper Uses ReturnGO

Hey Harper has implemented a comprehensive returns strategy using ReturnGO, taking advantage of the platform’s integrations and customization options to create a seamless experience for both the brand and its customers.

Shipping Integrations

By integrating ReturnGO with Sendcloud, Hey Harper has been able to streamline its returns process and take advantage of optimal shipping options. The integration enables the brand to easily manage carriers and return labels across its global markets, ensuring a consistent customer experience.

Through ReturnGO’s integration with Sendcloud, Hey Harper was able to connect to Evri, the carrier it already used for outbound shipments in the UK and EU, which could then be leveraged for inbound shipments as well. This led to significant cost savings on shipping by using one carrier for the entire shipping workflow, and enabled Hey Harper to overcome its reverse logistics challenges.

“Integrating with Sendcloud was a breeze – it only took about 30 minutes to set up.”

– Vasco Fernandes, Head of Operations and CX, Hey Harper

Flexible Return Policies

Hey Harper leverages ReturnGO’s flexibility to tailor its return policies to the needs of each market. This includes free returns in some regions, a small fee for EU return shipments (due to international shipping costs), and in-store returns for New York customers.

This strategic approach enables Hey Harper to provide a seamless returns experience for its customers, regardless of their location, while addressing the unique logistical considerations in different markets. The flexibility offered by ReturnGO empowers Hey Harper to adapt its policies in accordance with the fluctuating shipping costs depending on the destination and customer location.

In this way, Hey Harper is able to strike a balance between offering a consistent brand experience and meeting the logistics needs of each market.

“ReturnGO gives us the ability to work within different markets and adjust our policies accordingly. The flexibility to offer free returns in some regions and a small fee in others has been crucial in managing our costs while providing a great customer experience.”

– Vasco Fernandes, Head of Operations and CX, Hey Harper

Tailored Return Resolutions

Hey Harper has implemented a comprehensive set of return resolution options, including refunds, exchanges, variant exchanges, product exchanges, store credit, and even the ability for customers to keep the item in certain cases. This empowers the company to retain a remarkable 40.35% of revenue from returns.

Beyond traditional options, Hey Harper leverages ReturnGO to offer store credit and gift cards as return solutions. This incentivizes customers to keep shopping, with the average customer adding an additional $22.29 when redeeming store credit and $34.94 when redeeming a gift card. This strategy significantly boosts customer lifetime value.

Hey Harper’s return resolutions can be tailored for different scenarios, for example, ReturnGO enables Hey Harper to configure the workflow so that if a customer reports receiving a broken or incorrect item, manual approval is required, and customer support contacts the customer before the return is processed. The impact is two-fold: Hey Harper can save on return shipping costs, and the customer is spared the hassle of returning an item that would end up being thrown away.

Through the ReturnGO portal, the customer can conveniently send photos for Hey Harper to assess the situation and move forward with a solution. This streamlined process reduces costs for the company while giving the customer a much better and more personalized experience.

Analytics and Visibility

Hey Harper uses ReturnGO’s powerful analytics to transform the brand’s approach to understanding customer behavior and optimizing operational efficiency. With ReturnGO’s transparent and comprehensive reporting capabilities, Hey Harper can now easily access insights into customer lifetime spending and identify key trends affecting its bottom line.

By combining ReturnGO data with Shopify data, Hey Harper analyzes customer lifetime value (LTV), investigating how returns affect LTV and the reasons behind these dynamics. Armed with this knowledge, Hey Harper can anticipate customer behavior more accurately and tailor policies accordingly, whether by adjusting return fees or implementing incentives to drive repeat purchases.

Moreover, ReturnGO’s analytics empower Hey Harper to monitor product performance on a granular level. By analyzing return reasons per product and SKU, Hey Harper can pinpoint areas for improvement and collaborate with their product team to enhance design, supply chain efficiency, and operational processes. This data-driven approach enables Hey Harper to optimize its entire value chain, from product development to customer service, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for customers while maximizing profitability.


Implementing ReturnGO has been transformative for Hey Harper, enabling the company to overcome operational challenges and streamline its returns processes across multiple markets.

By offering flexible return policies, integrating with Sendcloud, and prioritizing customer experience, Hey Harper has been able to optimize operations while maintaining a positive customer experience.

“ReturnGO makes it easy to automate returns and exchanges, connecting all the dots and providing valuable data and reporting. It’s hard to imagine managing returns without this level of automation and visibility.”

Vasco Fernandes

Head of Operations and CX, Hey Harper