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Flux Footwear Transforms the Post-Purchase Process With ReturnGO



Average Upsell Value


Reduced Return Rate

Flux Footwear has transformed its post-purchase process from start to finish by implementing ReturnGO as a unified platform for returns, exchanges, and order tracking.

The Results

Since using ReturnGO, Flux Footwear has experienced significant benefits:

  • Increased Revenue from Upsells: 0.16% of Flux Footwear customers who visit the ReturnGO-powered order tracking page make another purchase within 30 minutes, taking an average of 12 minutes between visiting the tracking page and placing another order, with an average value of $153.49 per repurchase case.

  • Streamlined Workflow: Using ReturnGO’s complete post-purchase solution, Flux Footwear has unified returns, exchanges, and order tracking into a single integrated platform, resulting in a streamlined workflow and higher operational efficiency.

  • Reduced Return Rates: Since implementing ReturnGO’s advanced returns management capabilities to establish tailored, specialized policy rules, Flux Footwear has managed to reduce its return rate by up to 7%, from 18-23% down to a steady 15.9%.

  • Optimized Returns Process: Flux Footwear has refined its return policies using ReturnGO, achieving a 49.4% exchange rate by charging a return fee for refunds while keeping exchanges free. ReturnGO’s customizable rules have also enabled Flux Footwear to manage complex returns and exchanges including for items from “Buy X Get Y” deals.

  • Decreased WISMO Inquiries: Thanks to ReturnGO’s frequent automated order tracking emails, Flux Footwear has experienced a reduction in “Where Is My Order” (WISMO) inquiries, with 98.16% of tracking page visits originating from shipping notification emails, showing customers’ preference for a self-service experience and resulting in a reduced workload for the customer support team.

    Flux Footwear’s Story

    Founded in 2020 by two visionaries aiming to revolutionize the footwear industry, Flux Footwear took the concept of barefoot-inspired shoes and transformed it into a sleek and mass-marketable product. 

    With a strong emphasis on innovation and customer-centric design, Flux Footwear quickly gained traction in the market. Rather than the typical “toe shoe” aesthetic, Flux creates fashionable slip-on and lace-up style shoes that give customers all the benefits of barefoot shoes, but with a versatile, modern look.

    As Flux Footwear saw a steady increase in direct-to-consumer sales in the US and began to scale rapidly, implementing a centralized, scalable eCommerce solution became necessary.

    The Challenge

    Before using ReturnGO, Flux Footwear didn’t have a unified system for managing the post-purchase experience. This disconnected approach created several challenges.

    For order tracking, Flux had been using only Shopify’s basic email notifications which provided minimal communication to customers. These emails simply redirected customers to an external carrier website, taking them away from Flux Footwear’s website and branding. Customers were unable to proactively track orders in one centralized place, leading to frustration and a high volume of “Where Is My Order?” (WISMO) inquiries flooding the customer support team. 

    On the returns side, Flux Footwear’s previous returns solution lacked the robust return policy logic and return reason customization capabilities they needed. Return rates hovered at a high 18-23% due to the inability to implement strategic policies such as added fees for specific return reasons. The precious returns solution also fell short on features like rules for managing returns from Buy X, Get Y discounts and bundled items. Customer support spent a lot of time manually reviewing cases that ideally would be automated.

    Ultimately, having disconnected systems for order tracking and returns management made it hard to run things efficiently. The lack of unified data and a cohesive post-purchase experience made scaling a huge challenge.

    Why Flux Footwear Chose ReturnGO

    When Flux Footwear’s contract with its previous returns solution came to an end, the company looked for a new solution that could effectively address its challenges. After evaluating multiple options, the company determined that ReturnGO was the best fit based on several key factors.

    The ability to unify returns, exchanges, and order tracking into a single integrated platform was a major draw. Having the entire post-purchase experience managed cohesively by one platform promised to streamline operations significantly compared to juggling multiple systems. 

    ReturnGO’s advanced policy rules abilities also stood out, enabling Flux Footwear to customize return reasons, requirements, and unique return policy rules in smart ways to optimize processes and reduce return rates.

    Flux Footwear found the ability to retain more revenue through smarter returns management to be extremely compelling. With granular control, full visibility, and a unified solution, ReturnGO checked all the boxes.

    “It’s all the same order going out and coming back in, so if you look at one piece you’re not seeing the full picture. Having it all in one place makes a big difference.”

    – Annie Phan, Head of Customer Experience, Flux Footwear

    How Flux Footwear Uses ReturnGO

    Using ReturnGO, Flux Footwear was able to automate the entire post-purchase process, from order tracking to returns and exchanges, providing a branded experience for customers and streamlining internal processes.

    Optimized Returns Process

    Flux Footwear strategically uses ReturnGO’s advanced technology to refine and improve the returns process, leveraging data-driven insights to drive efficiency and reduce return rates.

    Before using ReturnGO, the company’s return rate hovered at an elevated 18-23% level, and since implementation, Flux Footwear has achieved a steady, below-average return rate of 15.9% by implementing customized smart return policies.

    Tailored Return Policies

    Flux Footwear uses ReturnGO’s granular policy rule capabilities to define precisely which products, orders, and customers are eligible for returns or exchanges in various scenarios. This includes managing the intricacies of returns and exchanges for items purchased through promotions like “Buy X Get Y” deals, which most returns solutions cannot accommodate.

    With ReturnGO, Flux Footwear establishes specific policy rules based on various criteria. This flexibility allows Flux Footwear to maximize retained revenue while still offering a customer-centric experience.

    “From the customer experience perspective, the logic and rules are so important. ReturnGO’s customizable rules let us control who can return and exchange and tailor it to specific situations.”

    – Annie Phan, Head of Customer Experience, Flux Footwear

    For example, Flux Footwear’s top return reason is items not fitting properly, accounting for 78.3% of all returns. To address this, Flux Footwear charges a return fee for refunds, while keeping exchanges free, to incentivize customers to exchange. This approach has proven successful, with half of all returns resulting in exchanges (49.4%).

    Furthermore, Flux Footwear maximizes revenue recovery by reselling items that are returned in good condition. This helps minimize losses and optimize revenue streams.

    Self-Service Order Tracking

    For order tracking, Flux Footwear seamlessly integrated a branded order tracking portal across its website, providing customers with a cohesive and immersive tracking experience. The portal is prominently displayed across various touchpoints, including the footer, FAQs, and account pages, ensuring easy access for customers.

    “Now we offer a more cohesive branded experience, since the return and order tracking portals look the same.”

    – Annie Phan, Head of Customer Experience, Flux Footwear

    Impressively, 98.16% of visits to the tracking page originate from shipping notification emails, guiding customers to a centralized and user-friendly tracking portal. This self-service model empowers customers to conveniently track their orders themselves and significantly reduces “Where Is My Order” (WISMO) inquiries, making things easier for the customer support team.

    Order Tracking Upsells

    The volume of upsells generated from Flux Footwear’s order tracking portal highlights its effectiveness in driving additional revenue and maximizing opportunities for customer engagement.

    0.16% of customers place another order within just 30 minutes of visiting the order tracking portal, with an average upsell value of $153.49. 

    These orders are typically placed within an average of 12 minutes after visiting the tracking portal, showing how using ReturnGO’s order tracking can really drive revenue growth and boost customer retention.


    Flux Footwear has streamlined its post-purchase process, enhancing efficiency and optimizing the overall customer journey by automating the whole process with ReturnGO.

    Managing the entire post-purchase process all in one place has changed the way Flux Footwear works, solidifying its position as a leader in the footwear industry while preparing it for scalable growth and sustained success in the dynamic eCommerce environment.

    “Consolidating everything into one platform has made a huge difference for us. ReturnGO has everything from robust rules to integrated tracking, making the process easy for all sides.”

    Annie Phan

    Head of Customer Experience,
    Flux Footwear