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Brava Fabrics’ Story

Brava Fabrics is a fashion company founded in 2016 that is committed to sustainability and fair production processes. Based in Barcelona, with factories in Spain and Portugal, a warehouse in Spain, and shipping worldwide, managing the logistics of returns was becoming a significant issue for the company.

Brava Fabrics chose ReturnGO as its returns solution after using other solutions in the market. They determined that ReturnGO offered the most comprehensive and efficient solution for managing product returns. Today, Brava Fabrics streamlines the return process and makes it more efficient for both the company and its customers. The ReturnGO solution also enabled Brava Fabrics to have seamless communication with customers worldwide.

The Challenge

Brava Fabrics was in a challenging situation as its previous solution had not been meeting all of its needs. Solving this challenge can be difficult as it requires re-evaluating current processes and finding a solution that fits the unique needs of the business.

In addition to not meeting all of Brava Fabrics’ needs, the solution they were using closed down. The combination of these factors led the company to search for a new solution that would fully fulfill its needs and even offer additional features and benefits.

As a global company based in Spain, managing returns from customers of diverse linguistic backgrounds presented a major challenge for Brava Fabrics. With Germany being its second-largest market, Brava Fabrics needed to have the ability to communicate in Spanish, German, and English.

Furthermore, the company initially had three separate eCommerce stores on Shopify for Spain, Germany, and the international market, which complicated the process of managing and tracking returns across all markets.

Why Brava Fabrics Chose ReturnGO

Brava Fabrics initially evaluated multiple solutions before ultimately deciding to use ReturnGO. According to Brava Fabrics’s Senior Operation Executive, Gabriela Meyer Torres, they chose ReturnGO for several reasons, all of which involve the ability to make the return process easy for both customers and the Brava Fabrics team.

Brava Fabrics found that ReturnGO had the best integration between Shopify and ShippyPro out of all the solutions they evaluated. Additionally, the flexibility to change shipping carriers according to their priorities, as well as the automation of all processes and the ability to communicate with customers from diverse linguistic backgrounds, were also factors that led to the decision to use ReturnGO.

Brava Fabrics now operates two distinct Shopify stores – a marketplace and an eCommerce platform. The marketplace enables them to work with various other companies by integrating their Shopify stores, thus ensuring that all orders made on these partner companies’ websites are seamlessly reflected in their Shopify store.

Initially, Brava Fabrics used ReturnGO on its marketplace as a trial, to evaluate the platform’s integrations, customer communication, and overall management of returns. After a thorough evaluation period of one month, Brava Fabrics found the solution to be highly effective and subsequently extended its use to the eCommerce platform, which has a larger volume of returns.

How Brava Fabrics Uses ReturnGO

Multiple Languages
Implementing ReturnGO as its returns solution, Brava Fabrics was able to overcome language barriers and migrate its three sites (Spanish, German, English) into one on the Shopify platform. ReturnGO enables Brava Fabrics to use multiple languages for its return portal and customer emails and notifications.

Shipping Integrations
With different sales seasons and return policies, Brava Fabrics’ team had to create separate return policies for each shipping carrier and country. For example, in Europe, the company worked with 4 carriers and had to create a different return policy for each carrier based on their country, the price of the return, and the purchase value. The flexibility of ReturnGO made it easy for them to manage these policies.

“We found ReturnGO’s overall flexibility easy to use.”

Secondly, the seamless integration between Shopify and ShippyPro enabled Brava Fabrics to easily switch between carriers such as DHL Express (International), GLS (Germany), Mondial Relay (France), and EasyPost (UK) according to their priorities. This means that if tomorrow they decided to change or close an account with a carrier, they could easily adjust the rules for another carrier, because they are all integrated with ReturnGO.

“We choose carriers according to price and time. So, the best thing about ReturnGO is being able to change these carriers according to our priority, whenever we want.”

End-to-End Automation
Using ReturnGO made it possible for Brava Fabrics to manage all its return processes automatically, including the refund process, pre-paid return shipping labels, and integrations with shipping carriers. All returns are done automatically, making the process more efficient and streamlined. The automatic features of ReturnGO eliminate the need for manual work and save time and effort.

ReturnGO provided multiple advantages for Brava Fabrics in terms of managing returns and exchanges. Brava Fabrics makes use of comprehensive features such as automation rules like “Auto-Refund” and “Auto-Exchange” – enabling them to automatically release exchange orders and automatically issue refunds based on specific triggers.

ReturnGO also provides Brava Fabrics with control and visibility through its intuitive dashboard. The platform’s clear and easy-to-use interface enables the Brava Fabrics team to easily track and manage returns and seamlessly integrate with shipping carriers.

The Results

  • Removed Language Barrier & Improved Customer Experience.
    With a diverse customer base from a variety of countries, using the “Languages” feature enabled Brava Fabrics to directly communicate with its customers in their native language through the return portal and RMA status notifications. This feature enhanced the customer experience and sets the company apart in the market by providing an additional level of service.
  • Streamlined Logistics & Reduced Costs.
    ReturnGO’s integration with Shopify and ShippyPro, flexibility to change carriers, and automation of all processes enabled Brava Fabrics to manage their return logistics more easily and saved the company time and thousands of dollars a month.
  • Increased Efficiency.
    ReturnGO made it possible for Brava Fabrics to manage all return processes automatically, eliminating the need for manual work and enabling them to focus on their core mission of creating sustainable and timeless apparel.


Overall, ReturnGO has been a valuable solution for Brava Fabrics, enabling them to improve their return process while still maintaining their commitment to sustainability and fair production practices.

“We really like the ReturnGO team – they are kind, patient, and helpful.”

Gabriela Meyer Torres

Senior Operation Executive