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Billed Montly

Billed Annually
12% off
Starting at 2,000 annual returns
Returns & Exchanges
For emerging Shopify merchants ready to automate their returns emerging Shopify merchants
Starting at
$327 /
$297 /
Starting at 2,000 annual returns
Post Purchase Suite
For Shopify merchants ready to reduce cost & customize returns Shopify merchants ready
While “Beta” starting at
Starting at 2,000 annual returns
For Shopify merchants ready to capture more returns revenue Shopify merchants ready
Starting at
Custom price
Plan Comparison
Returns & Exchanges
Up to 1000 returns
per year
Post Purchase Suite
More than 1000 returns
per year
More than 1000 returns
per year
Embedded Self-Service Portal
Branding & Customization
Adaptable to Any eCommerce Platform
Pre-Built Integrations
Full eCommerce Stack Support
Multi-Language & Currency
Metrics & Analytics
Sustainability-Focused Solution
API and Webhooks
Test Environment
Return Shipping Labels
Store Credit & Gift Cards
Smart Refund Alternatives
Adjustable Return Fees
Minimizable Shipping Costs
Unlimited Return Policies & Workflows
Automated Return Requests
Multiple Items per RMA
Various Return Methods
Return Reasons Workflow
Photo & Video Upload
Previous RMA Details
International Returns
Packing Slips
Returned Item Validation
Multi-Warehouse & Dropshipping
QR Codes (Printerless Returns)
Return Shipping Tracking
COD Returns
coming soon
Split Refunds and Credit
Customer Segmentation
Reverse Pickups
Box-Free Returns
Return Donations
coming soon
Advanced Analytics
AI Insights
Return Automations
Variant Exchanges
Product Exchanges
Price-Difference Exchanges
Replace Item
Refunds of Exchanged Items
Mixed Returns & Exchanges
One to Multiple Items Exchanges
coming soon
Automated Exchanges
Item Reservation
coming soon
Logistics Alternatives
coming soon
Exchange Upsells
coming soon
Warranty Portal
Provide a self-service warranty portal that is customized for warranty requests.
Modify Order
Order Cancelation
Enable customers to cancel an order if they request a return before the order is fulfilled.
Order Modification
coming soon
Give customers the option to modify unfulfilled orders instead of canceling them.
Order Modification Upsells
coming soon
Encourage customers to modify their orders rather than cancel them by offering incentives.
Carrier Integrations
Integrate with a variety of shipping carriers to provide up-to-date shipment tracking.
Branded Tracking Page
Provide a branded tracking page that lets customers track the status of their orders.
Embedded Tracking Page
Embed a white-label tracking page into your store to keep customers on your site.
Customized Email Notifications
Notify customers when their shipment status changes with customized email notifications.
Customized SMS Notifications
coming soon
Notify customers when their shipment status changes with customized SMS notifications.
Shipment Tracking
Monitor the status of all your shipments in one place.
Marketing & Helpdesk Integrations
Integrate with different eCommerce solutions such as Klaviyo, Gorgias, and more.
Multilingual Tracking Page
Translate the tracking page into different languages.
Product Recommendations
coming soon
Use a product recommendation widget to encourage customers to buy more products.
Onboarding Support
Schedule a 1:1 onboarding meeting with a ReturnGO support agent to help you set up your account.
Email Support Ticket System
Receive ongoing support using a ticket system for any issue raised.
Live Chat
Contact live chat support 24/5 for answers to your questions.
Dedicated CSM
Consult with a dedicated customer success manager on any questions or issues.
Knowledge Base
Resolve issues on your own using self-service Knowledge Base articles.
Review Meetings
Review your store’s analytics reports with a ReturnGO representative to optimize your returns.
Custom Integrations
Create custom integrations with eCommerce solutions that are not yet supported natively.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer a free trial?
Yes, we offer a free 14-day trial on Shopify and Magento 2.
What eCommerce platforms are supported?
ReturnGO is built to integrate with any eCommerce platform or solution.

It is important to note that some features may be restricted based on the limitations of each platform.

Our pre-built solution is currently available for Shopify, Shopify Plus, and Magento 2, with more coming soon.

How long does implementation take?
Implementation on Shopify and Magento 2 takes 1-3 days, as long as all third-party integrations are already in place (shipping carrier, 3PL, helpdesk, ERP, etc).

Other eCommerce platforms may take longer to implement, depending on their complexity.

Our support team is happy to assist you throughout the entire implementation process, for as long as it takes to get you set up.

I have some questions. How can I contact you?
We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us at [email protected].
Do you have an app in the Shopify App Store?
Yes, there is a self-service application on the Shopify App Store that is available for small to medium-sized businesses to download and install.

It should be noted that the self-service application does not include all of the features available on our enterprise plan. Please contact us for more information about the enterprise plan.